The art of lost songs. During these hard times​,​donation only please support ,help x

by Andy Hay



When im not playing jazz i write,sing, produce, arrange music for my own pleasure and i hope yours , my dream has always been to write for others and produce in partnership but i think those days are long gone x
Here is a tiny selection of Music made over the last couple of years with some incredible world class musicians who bring these things to life . Please support the indie arts 100% no barcodes.


released March 5, 2020

Everyone named on the tracks and in the biog that comes with the album.


all rights reserved



Andy Hay UK

Please stay safe and indoors at this time you might save a life x Truth in music always. A life long passion for the arts and the freedom there in. What is value ? 100% indie and free of boundary ,border,restriction. Music with anyone anywhere anytime. x
Vocal explorer
Human being.
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Track Name: Believe in You.
believe in you
peace come with faith in all you do
get to the truth like where are you ?
feel in your heart a love that is true.
Track Name: Rare Birds.
I dont mis the summer
i never mis the sunshine
because im like that
im just like that
Track Name: Messengers are few.
Stuck to the page they sit and wonder
cast us all asunder
you know like they do.
messenger fly
to me i spy
so many hours
you can keep the flowers
messengers are few.

Recorded at the Green Denbigh. Copyright@andyhaymusic.
Track Name: My sunshine.
Heaven was awake this morning
blinding sun upon the bedroom wall
open eyes that watch me waking
never had to question this at all
and when i see your smiling faces
one can never really be alone
and even though we get lost sometimes
in our heart will always be at home
my sunshine x
Track Name: The Mystery.
Beggers and choosers are most of the time
no pain become between your heart and mine
you had my love but you were too blind
no more fantasy
2with history
3 wont make a start
for the Mystery
Track Name: Seeing is believing ?
Train beautiful train, get me home again.
Saying things , doing things , looking at things, listening to things.

Dedicated to Ali Farka Toure. x
Track Name: A 1000 miles
See the water fall
and the endless revolution of life worth living
over rocks and stones
through your blood and your bones
the flow of life that's given
walk a 1000 miles
walk a 1000 miles
walk a 1000 miles
walk a 1000 miles
Track Name: The Wren.
Wren sat by my window for the winter to come
his mind was free and sparkled like the light of the sun
he asked for no fogivness for what he'd become
when the rain was over he knew she be done.
Track Name: Down Road Blues. Elizabeth Cotten Cover.
Going down the road feeling bad
well i ain't gonna be driving your way.
back pack that old freight train take your load
well i ain't gonna be treated this way.
your gonna mis me when im gone
well i aint gonna be driving your way.
Track Name: Walk in time to the river.
feel your heart beat in time
blow your mind like a river
i am bound for my day
walk in time walk in time
people come friends they go
love can move like a river
let it go on this day
walk in time walk in time.
Track Name: That's Love.
Call out a reason for your brightest stars
painted by heaven
turn all the pages that have brought you this far
and ask a question
whats that feeling
that's love x
Track Name: Rain.
To the water
feel the wind blow
feel your heart sing
in the air flow
bow your head down
get it real low
do a rain dance
let yourself go
Let your love come down with the rain.
Track Name: Never Weak.
Oh my soul il keep
never praying never weep
oh my soul il keep
in my time
never weak, never weak never weak..
Track Name: Take me home.
A friend with a camera said 'hold it right there'
while those pictures remain some no longer there.
But we had it good and those memories are kind
time alone at the river was nothing but time.
Take me home by the river.

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